100% Pure Castor Oil

100% Pure Castor Oil

100% Pure Castor Oil

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Pure and Premium quality is what we pack. Only the finest castor seeds get picked, extracted, and refined to give you the best 100% Pure & Natural Castor Oil on earth. Being one of the most versatile and beneficial oils it has many uses and can be applied to hair, skin eye brows, lashes and even your nails. As a viscous natural humectant, the oil penetrates deep locking in moisture and nourishing with fatty acids providing you a beautiful glow all around.

Hair & Eyebrows: Massage & leave in for a few minutes and rinse out, Enjoy thicker looking and nourished hair with regular use.

Skin: Apply to face & body where needed, let sit for a few minutes and rinse off. Enjoy blemish free & glowing skin.

Nails: Apply thin layer of Castor oil over nails for 30 minutes and wipe off. Enjoy healthy and glowing nails

100% Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil

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Be as clean and beautiful as nature intended you to be. 

How To Use

Castor Oil Benefits


Stronger hair follicles, shinier hair and improved growth. TIP: Brush onto eyebrows and eyelashes to increase strength and growth of hair.


Say hello to soft hydrated skin. Castor oil has natural inflammatory properties that help your skin stay calm and hydrated.


No more dry cuticles and peeling skin around the nails. Castor oil functions as a barrier
for weak nails, providing them with the nourishment and strength they need.